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Fluorocarbon Tippet

Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Guaranteed to rival any brand, our fluorocarbon fly fishing tippet is pure fluorocarbon with the highest abrasion resistance of any tippet. It was built with incredible strength, is very thin, and incredibly supple - excellent for tying knots even to nylon.

This tippet comes in a case which can double up as a small fly case.

Great for fishing on top of the water or going under. Virtually invisible, its refractive index is close to that of water. With the right presentation, fluorocarbon tippet breaks water surface tension quickly and can sink quicker than nylon, perfect for nymphing and going under the waters surface.

Fluorocarbon tippet performs great in gin-clear waters or where fish are educated and picky.

Available in 50m: 0x 10.63lb., 1x 8.35lb., 2x 7.22lb., 3x 6.12lb., 4x 5.35lb., 5x 4.29lb., 6x 3.04lb., 7x 2.02lb.

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