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Wild Orca Fly Fishing Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The holidays are quickly approaching! This holiday season we're inviting you to shop small and to shop local. Your weekends are valuable, we'd rather you be out fishing or spending quality time with your loved ones. A sale should never hijack any weekend or holiday.

So, we're putting together a list of brands that will support you no matter the day, no matter the holiday. They'll all be around after any long weekend. This is holiday, we invite you to shop on your terms.

Here it is, the fly fishing gift guide for the 2023 holiday season. Everything a fly angler would want as a gift.

Fly Fishing Holiday Gifts

1. DNSTRM aka Downstream Adventurewear

You can thank Dave Hanson for this one! Thanks, Dave!

How can you not get behind what this brand stands for?

Downstream (DNSTRM) Adventurewear is a fly fishing-inspired line of casual and outdoor wear for any nature-loving enthusiast created by Nic Jovanovich.

After a decade of guiding fly fishing, destination trips, and almost thirty years of fly fishing know how, the idea was sparked. Born and bred on the rivers of Montana and Idaho, the notion for Downstream came to fruition when it was realized that life should feel like a flowing river....with relative ease, purpose of course, and building momentum...not a fight against a raging current.

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Featured Product - Downstream MNS/UNI Super Fly Fleece Hoodie


Downstream Unisex Fleece Pullover


Product Details

This is the ultimate in comfort for layering or a stand-alone piece.

  • Gunmetal/Slate Gray/Glacier Green
  • 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane
  • Soft cotton-feel fabric face
  • Brushed fleece fabric inside
  • Double-lined hood with design on both sides
  • Black drawstrings

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2. North Fly Apparel

From founder, Robby, a North Carolina native.

"First off let me say thank you for stopping by and checking out North Fly Apparel. This whole thing started with sketches I was doing one evening with my daughter. I took that evenings sketch and started toying with the idea to start an apparel company based around taking memories or instances from fishing and trying to illustrate them in my sketches. Those then turned into ideas for T-shirts and stickers."

Read the full story here

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Featured Product Entomology Rope Snapback Hat


Product Details

Make a statement with this North Fly Entomology Rope Hat! This entomology-inspired piece is perfect for fly fishermen who want a stylish, water-friendly accessory. Impress your fishing buddies with one of these limited art prints and make a statement when you hit the water!

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3. Lucky LeCroy's Outfitters

Discover the essence of fly fishing with Lucky LeCroy's Outfitters – your premier online destination for high-quality apparel, hand-tied flies, and outdoor gear. Based in Chattanooga, TN, we bring the charm of Southern hospitality to your doorstep, ensuring that every fishing excursion is met with the finest equipment and expertly crafted essentials. Elevate your outdoor experience with Lucky LeCroy's – where passion meets performance, and the adventure begins with a click.

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Featured Product - LLO didn't forget your pet with their Pet Bowl

Product Details

Say hi to the ultimate pet bowl for your furry fly fishing friend! Thanks to its stainless steel construction and its anti-slip rubber base, your pet will be safe and content during meal times. Designed with quality materials and functionality in mind, this pet bowl will serve you and your pet for years to come.

• Double-wall stainless steel
• Anti-slip rubber base
• Food grade safe
• Dishwasher safe when the rubber base is removed

Don't have a pet? Check out other gift ideas.

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4. Artist Paul Puckett

Paul captures fly fishing and the outdoors with a reverence energy most fly anglers only dream about.

From Charleston, South Carolina, where he currently makes his home, Paul is constantly pursuing the next creative challenge and gets distracted by the Low Country tides and tailing Redfish. Paul has been fortunate to fish all over the world with some of his good friends in places such as the Seychelles, Honduras, the Bahamas, Argentina, Cuba, Yucatan of Mexico and the greater US, all which inspire his art.

Read his full story here

Featured Art - "One on One"


Art Details

20 x 30 Oil on Wood Panel - Nothing like pursuing a large marsh tailing redfish on foot in the flooded marsh of the Southeast Coast. Always good when a new target presents itself!

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5. RO Drift Boats

That's right! RO Drift Boats are on sale for the holidays!.

RO Drift Boats started in St. Anthony, Idaho in 1995 by Roy Eddins. A man, with a passion for fishing the waters of the Rockies and for coming up with new and innovative ways to improve on existing drift boat design. In 2006 Robert Eddins, Roy’s oldest son took over the family business moved the operation to Bozeman, Montana and has continued to take RO further into to the future coming up with new drift boat designs, making RO drift boats a premier name in the industry. RO offers five different models of drift boats and skiffs to cover every type of water and every fisherman’s needs.

See all models here

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Featured Model - the "RO Guide"


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6. Cling

In 2020, when the world was shut down, Cling (founder, Jared May) had a lot of new-found free time. They used this time to hit the river and go fishing... A LOT. During this time spent on the Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone and the rest of Montana's blue ribbon trout streams, they designed and perfected the Mag Grab.

Since then, they've sold thousands of units and received hundreds of 5 star reviews, and have added more new and innovative products.

Now that you know the Cling story, take a moment to check out the fishing accessories and merch we painstakingly create for you! Happy Holidays!

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Featured Product - The MAG GRAB

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7. Slayfest Fishing Co.

Slayfest Fishing Co. is a fishing apparel and media company encouraging people to get outside and adventure the world around us.

Featured Product - Black and White Circular Logo Trucker Hat 


Product Details

This is the ultimate trucker hat.

  • Black and white
  • Trucker style
  • Mesh, easy breath

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8. Flyin' Bear Flies

"My name is Brad and I am an avid fly tyer and fisherman. Originally from Colorado, I was introduced to fly fishing and fly tying when I moved to Northern New Mexico about 6 years ago, and I quickly fell in love with these art forms. I like tying several variations of fly patterns from Kebari, midges, euro nymph, and articulated streamer. In snow, rain or sunshine, you will find me turning over rocks along river banks and river bottoms to investigate what is hatching. I enjoy the challenge of learning what of my flies New Mexico trout like to eat during my many outings, and I hope to be in the field for a long time."

- Brad Schanz

For custom fly orders, contact Brad:

Featured Flies

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9. Trout Trap Flies

"I have been tying and designing flies for over 20 years. Most of my fishing (and consequently, my tying) revolves around chasing trophy trout of many varieties. I strive to create innovative and effective, yet simple patterns that achieve the purpose of catching fish without any compromise. I strive for a high quality product, and all my flies are tied in America, by myself and some of my fishy friends."

-Kyle Glass

Featured Pyramid Lake Fly - Pyramid Lake Copper Wino Midge - 5 Pack

Product Details

Like all of my other Pyramid Lake Chironomid patterns, these are tied on super high quality competition barbless hooks, with large tungsten beads, and sealed with resin to harden them for durability and give them that perfect “slick” look.

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10. FishRubbers

Fishrubbers was started by 2 avid dry fly fishermen. We saw a few guides using basic rubber bands on the river and set out to find a better way to accomplish the same outcome. All Fishrubbers are made with indestructible rubber and come on an easy to attach clip that will attach to any vest, creel or fishing pouch. We believe this is a handy tool that any dry-fly fisherman will love using. We have fished all kinds of rivers and have tested this on all size flies. Everything from the softest hackle to the most ridiculous Chernobyl dry off perfectly with just a few flicks of the band. Watch how its done...and fall in love with keeping your fly up!

Featured Product - Fly Dryer

Save with their bundle Fly Dryer Bundle

Fish Rubbers Fly Dryer

Product Details

For the die hard dry fly fisher, this tool is a must for any bag or creel. Easily dry off any fly with the flick of a Fishrubber. Simply hook the fly around the band or in the provided metal loop and snap the band. Nothing restores the hackle on any dry fly like a Fishrubber. Rubber is UV, indestructible rubber and makes keeping your fly up and floating a cinch! Get your patent pending dryer today!

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10. Hangtime Gear

Wherever your adventures take you, the KOALA 2.0 keeps your phone safe and secure. And it's backed by our 100% Guarantee.

Featured Product - Koala 2.0

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Koala 2.0 Hangtime Gear

Product Details

  • Harness Design: Firmly grips the latest smartphones with or without a case. Double-check that the KOALA 2.0 is compatible with your phone.
  • Leash: Super compact, selfie-friendly, stretches up to 3ft, holds up to 50lbs.
  • Clamp or Clip Attachment: Attach the KOALA 2.0 easily using either the Clamp or the  Carabiner Clip (both included).
  • Impact: Our packaging is made from 100% recycled content and is fully recyclable. We strive to reduce eco-impact at every stage of our manufacturing and shipping process.

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We love supporting brands that are just getting a start, like us! Take some time to check into these 2023 Fly Fishing gift ideas and if the person you are shopping for needs a rod, leader, or a heavy duty nipper, check out the Wild Orca products.

Happy Holidays from your friends here at The Wild Orca Co.

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