"Must-Suscribe-to" Fly Fishing Newsletters

"Must-Suscribe-to" Fly Fishing Newsletters

You love chasing everything wild about fly fishing, every single thing about it-you love, you're an angler. From the drive to your favorite or new spots thinking about the fish you will hook (and maybe not land), to the solitude, that next bend in the river, friendships, drooling over new gear, fly tying, and even the occasional fight with a tree. It's all soooo good.

In this post, we're highlighting 3 newsletters all fly fishing women and men can explore to get all the feelings flowing in. Subscribe to these and you are sure to make your other newsletters jealous.

Fly Fishing Newsletters

1. The Weekly - Guys Fishing Weekend

Guys Fishing Weekend - The Weekly

(Image credit: Guys Fishing Weekend)

We can't say enough great things about Ed and the GFW boys. The thoughtfulness and knowledge in every weekly newsletter inspires and educates. This newsletter is for you if you want to;

  1. dive deeper than the surface of beautiful fish or scenery to explore stories of relationship and camaraderie,
  2. learn about a new causes related to fly fishing,
  3. see a new film that Ed and team are high on, and;
  4. see a new fly pattern and a beautiful catch.

"Our Thursday Newsletter featuring our favorite #RiverWisdom about fostering male friendships, fun-filled fishing tales, and expert advice on blending bonding and angling into the perfect weekend. Each week we highlight trips, guides, and other content being created by people in the Fishing Community." - Guys Fishing Weekend

We love that there's always a great quote for the week, a beautiful fish, and most importantly a deep view on relationships in story form.

Here are some technical details:

  • Once a week on Thursday, expect this in your inbox.
  • You can subscribe here.
  • You can read their newsletter online here.
  • You can shop their merch here AND if you subscribe, get 20% off!

Ed and team have some exciting things on the horizon so you'll definitely want to stay up to date and not miss out on what they are up to. Smash that subscribe button.

2. Stay in the loop - FLYLORDS

Credit: Flylords

(Illustration credit: https://flylordsmag.com/)

Content, content, and more content. Flylords has been serving up angler stories, news, gear reviews, fly patterns, fly fishing videos, and fish tales since 2012. You want to learn, come here. This newsletter is for you if you want to;

  1. read about stories and anglers from around the world,
  2. stay up on the latest gear and product reviews, and;
  3. get fishing and fly tying tips in your inbox.
"Your destination for fly fishing news, tips, and stories. Inspiring anglers to protect the waters they love." - FLYLORDS

We love how much you can digest from all of the articles they have put out, it's a lot but you can usually find something you are looking for and something new you didn't know.

Here are some technical details:

The Flylords team are content producing machines. A bonus are their interviews and you can read them here. Enjoy!


3. MidCurrent

MidCurrent Newsletter

(photo credit MidCurrent via: https://mailchi.mp/midcurrent.com/subscribe)

There's a reason over 58,000 anglers subscribe to MidCurrent and over 1 million visit their site yearly. Their on a mission to support all anglers when it comes to staying current with the latest fly fishing gear, flies, books, destinations, and videos, and they consistently deliver expert advice weekly right to your inbox. This newsletter is for you if you want to;

  1. read "how-to" articles by fly fishing experts,
  2. get sneak peeks of book excerpts before they are even published, and;
  3. get huge new fly discounts every week from the MidCurrent Fly Outpost!
" More than 58,000 weekly subscribers depend on MIDCURRENT to deliver the latest news, tips, how-to articles, and videos every week. If you love fly fishing, you'll love our newsletter!" - MidCurrent

Outside the valuable content delivered through the newsletter, we love the bonus content around conservation, podcasts, and other industry news. Dive in!

Here are some technical details:


We love supporting good reads! Take some time to check into these top 3 fly fishing newsletters and spread the word to new anglers just getting started!

Happy reading from your friends here at The Wild Orca Co.

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